Wine Country Personality: Bruce Cohn

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Bruce-and-Moose.jpgBy Robert P. Farmer

Music and wine have been living together in harmony since the beginning of music and wine. The iterations are both subtle and obvious. Wherever you find good wine, you will reliably also find good music. For one man in Sonoma County, the combination has provided the philosophical basis for a life that has spanned successful careers in each field. And today at B.R. Cohn Winery, each of those careers live in the kind of accord that can only be cultivated by someone who knows what it takes to create a good two-part harmony.

Part I -One Man's Rocking Wine Country Odyssey
Part II -Listen to the Music (And Drink the Wine)

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what a great inspiration and success story. You are doing what I have just dreamed of, working the land and making great wines. I also grew up in an rural farming enviroment, I dream of doing exactly what you have achieved although I would add goat cheese into the production. thanks for giving me hope to find a way to do what I want.
frustrated but hopeful

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