A Guide to Giving Wine as a Gift

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Whether given as a show of hospitality for a dinner party, or just as a sign of affection during the holidays, wine is a unique and thoughtful token of appreciation.

If you are bringing a wine gift to a gathering where you know the wine will be opened during dinner, you should try to find out what is being served and match the wine appropriately. Contacting the host or hostess mentioning that you'd like to bring a wine to match the meal is a great way way to ensure you don't bring a big red to a light meal where a light white would be a better choice. If you choose to bring white wine, you may want to bring it already chilled so it can be immediately served if needed. And don't take offense if you bring a bottle of wine to a party and it does not get opened -- the wine choice is up to the host or hostess. So unless you were particularly asked to bring a bottle of wine to go with dinner, you might not get to drink your wine at the meal (this is a subject that has surely been debated many times before).

If you are looking to not just give a lone bottle, wine packs make terrific gifts. My Wines Direct offers 6 different bottle packs that offer various mixes of wines to suit your needs. These packs range from a assorted collections of red and white varietals to a specific package of one particular wine -- for instance, a pack of 6 different styles of Chardonnay from around the world.

If you are giving wine to someone who is an experienced wine consumer, you should put a bit of thought what exactly you select. If they normally drink $75 bottles of French wine, you should obviously try to avoid the $8 grocery aisle California table wine (though we're sure that more than a couple "wine aficionados" could be tricked if only the label was different...). Another great thing about wine is the pleasure one gets from trying new things -- if you are giving a wine gift to somebody who simply enjoys a nice glass of wine every once in a while, try giving them a unique varietal such as a Malbec, Pouilly-Fusse or a Viogner.

wine-gift-basket.jpgSometimes, a holiday wine gift is even more enjoyable when given in the form of a gift basket. The gift basket is uniquely packaged and arranged to show the presenter's thoughts and appreciations. Some are more ideal for an outdoor picnic and contain various meats and cheeses, while others are suited for dinner gatherings and include other cocktail items. These packages can either be shipped directly to your home as a personal delivery, or to the recipient's address as a special holiday surprise.

The shipping of wine or wine gift baskets is regulated by a confusing number of laws that vary state by state and even zip code by zip code. Fortunately, the majority of wine drinkers in the United States can have wine delivered to their door.

Whether your wine gift is given as a gesture of appreciation, courtship, hospitality or affection, with a little thought and planning to the recipient's needs, it will most certainly be well received.

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Have you considered creating your own gift basket? I sell decorative wine boxes on my website and I have a customer who uses them to create her own wine gift basket. Not a bad idea, but a little more labor intensive.

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