Get Ready to Rock at Roshambo Winery

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By Courtney Cochran

Rock, paper, scissors, that is.  Playfully dubbed by its hosts "Wine Country's Sporting Event of the Year," Roshambo Winery's ( raucous annual Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament will take place this year on June 7 at the winery's hip new tasting room at Sonoma's Cornerstone Place (
Known for its irreverent branding and strong consumer following, Roshambo Winery takes its name from rochambeau - French short hand for rock, paper, scissors - and has garnered headlines for awarding one of the largest sums ever paid to a winner of the simple two-person game - a plum $1,600 in the case of this year's pie.  Officiated by the World Rock Scissors Paper Society, each year's event features a bevy of Roshambo fans dressed up as everything from superheroes to hipsters to everything in between (truly, anything seems to go at these gatherings) along with great wine and plenty of laughs.   

Thinking about attending?  Click Here for the 411 on how to play this simple game, and don't miss this video of last year's show down. Rock on!

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